Friday, August 29, 2008

Maybe You Would Like To Watch A Movie?

Oh hello! Didn't see you there. I was probably busy watching a movie of some kind. I tend to do that.

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Alex (Alexandra to authority figures), and I am a person who watches a whole lot of movies. Probably an average of one every day or every other day, but often more than that (depends on my schedule/location). As a way to document all of this film-viewing I do, I thought it'd be a hip idea to get on this here internetosphere and write a bit about each one. Hopefully through these actions I can spread movie information to other film-lovers, and receive movie knowledge in return!

I'm not sure if this is something anyone would be interested in, but I figure there is no harm in starting and seeing how far I get. I promise to not be too long-winded, or too serious. I think my taste is pretty varied (old or new, high or low, A or B, whatever), so there'll be something for everyone! I will also share any trivia/pertinent/miscellaneous information I find. Pictures too! Maybe videos or soundtrack mp3s! Whoa!

This will be to document any movies I watch, including ones I've seen before, ones I borrow/rent from my neverending Netflix queue, and ones I see in theatres. So I guess we'll all see how long it takes for me to lose interest/get caught up in other things. Stay tuned for the moment though!