Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Sketch Project #12 (UPDATED)

Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of the Movie Sketch Project, wherein I make some art for a movie I reviewed this past week. Wow, well last week I had a really nice surprise when director Mark Romanek on twitter re-tweeted my sketch for Never Let Me Go. It led to lots of new views and I hope everyone liked it! Since then I've turned the drawing into a digital collage and it's for sale as a print, if you're interested!

Anyway, today's sketch is from that lovable dark comedy Drop Dead Fred, a favorite film from my youth that I revisited recently and still found quite charming. I had the idea for this drawing years and years ago but only just got around to it now (it is one of so many art ideas I haven't gotten around to trying out). Fred himself has "Drop" and "Dead" written on his fingers, Night of the Hunter-style, and I thought that was cool. That's it. That's the grand inspiration. It's just a simple pen-and-pencil sketch for now but I do plan on fiddling with it and giving it some color when I have more time. And I apologize for the quality, the scanner was being inhospitable.

UPDATE: I did some more pencil and ink work and made it prettier! The second image is the regular drawing, the third image is some playing around I did in photoshop. Both are available for sale, the original and a print.


  1. Sasha: Ha, not this time, but that movie will probably make it into an art project one of these days!

  2. You just get better and better; the green is a nice touch. Keep bein' artistic!

    - TGWD

  3. Dope and Ronan: Aw thanks guys!