Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie Sketch Project #13

Hey, how's it going? So I'm mixing it up a little with today's Movie Sketch Project. Usually I make some art inspired by a movie I reviewed in the past week, but today I'm bringing you a sketch of Katharine Hepburn, a remarkable actress who is the subject of this weekend's LAMB Acting School. I was planning on getting some reviews of her movies out this week but didn't have the time, so I thought a drawing might suffice to call attention to how awesome she is! My scanner keeps adding these weird lines to my images and I don't know why, so please ignore those. Otherwise I think it's a cute drawing, based on a still from Bringing Up Baby, one of my favorites of hers.

Also shameless self-promotion: please have a look at my shop, where I'm selling drawings and prints for what I believe are rather affordable prices! All the transactions are just done through paypal.


  1. You're, like, mad good at shadowing. That is the extent of my non-superficial art critique.

  2. I love that this is from the prison scene. "We're the leopard gang!"

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