Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The 2011 Boston Science-Fiction Marathon, Part III

Whew, it's tired in here, what with the eight movies I've just watched in a row. I should probably just give up and go to sleep, right? No! Of course not! I must press on for the sake of science-fiction and also to get my money's worth! I loaded up on tea and squirmed in my seat but admittedly had some trouble staying 100% conscious through the next two films, mainly because I'd seen them already. Also my cohorts were starting to get pretty sleepy and there's less pressure to stay awake if everyone around you is lightly snoring. But never fear! I can bring very definite reports of the next movies shown! Partially by piecing together what I already knew about two of them!

9 Videodrome (1983) (title links to my original review)
As some of you may recall, I was completely bowled over by this movie when I first watched it in January. It is by far my favorite Cronenberg, and there was basically nothing I could name that was wrong with it. Needless to say I was excited to see it again, especially on a big screen, and while it is still a fantastic film- gritty, sexy, weird, intelligent, innovative- it's not exactly the loudest of movies so I did nod off a few times. Luckily, I can accurately report that yes, Debbie Harry is still smoking hot and James Woods still has a gun hand and I still don't really at all understand what's going on. So all is well in Videodrome. Long live the new flesh.

10 Lady Terminator (1988) (title links to my original review)
I feel like I've raved about this enough around here, but OH WELL now you can hear once again how much I love it! Indonesia's unsubtle ripoff of The Terminator features everything you need in a hilarious action b-movie: boobs, big hair, 80's dance music, vagina snakes, boobs, machine guns, bad dubbing, campfire sex, and of course, boobs. There's also a fair amount of legitimately cool action scenes, with many explosions, gunfights, and corpses. It's a completely ludicrous movie that I'm fairly certain everyone in the world will like. So go see it already, sheesh! Also recall that I chatted it up in the so-bad-it's-good episode of Some Cast It Hot, which you should be listening to!
4.5/5 (as entertainment)

11 Last Woman on Earth (1960)
I actually missed the first 5-10 minutes of this because I went to get some Dunkin' Donuts, but luckily the story is easy enough to figure out. A lady, her wealthy husband, and their younger male friend go out scuba diving near their island vacation home and discover when they come up for air that all the oxygen has suddenly left the atmosphere. They keep their masks on for as long as they can, later finding that the oxygen has returned. Everyone around them is lying dead in the streets. The three hunker down and hone their survival skills, but eventually the husband's macho assholery gets the better of his put-upon wife and everything gets all love-triangley. Despite being a very talky, so-so script, the film surprisingly kept my attention throughout. I give most of the credit to Robert Towne, who played the friend character Martin and also wrote the script. He essentially spent the whole time doing this adorable impression of Jimmy Stewart in The Philadelphia Story, and that is exactly the way to win my heart. Too bad the print we had was so pink, though.

12 Mothra (1961)
Ah yes, the age-old story of a Giant Moth Monster who attacks Japan as it tries to reclaim its miniscule singing fairy twins from a jerk pseudo-American opportunist (actual plot). I'd seen most of this on tv years ago but was excited to see it in its fully form. Oddly enough the 'thon had a subtitled print, meaning the added hilarity of exaggerated dubbing is missing, and also that my crazed sleep-deprived mind had to work extra hard to read what was going on. I definitely drifted in and out a bit, but caught all the important parts: goofy chubby journalist, high-pitched twin singing, the three stages of mothra development, weird "island native" rituals, and the finale in "New Kirk City" (actual name). It's entertaining at parts but unintelligible at others, with too much of the creepy twins warbling and not enough of Mothra tearing shit up. Oh well. I'm fucking tired, man.

So the last film screened was Zonad, which we'd seen two days prior and felt no need to see again. Especially when a warm, comfortable bed beckoned us scant blocks away. So that's the end of the 'thon for me! It was basically still 24 hours since we got there an hour early. I definitely did better than the past two years, and expect to improve exponentially at my staying-awake-and-lucid abilities! It was a good time, though I hope next year there'll be more movies I haven't seen before. And better shorts (there were some really good ones last year, so I was pretty let down by the skimpy selection this time around). Until then, I'll continue to obsessively plan endless amounts of themed marathons of my own in my head! Yeah!


  1. I would love to see "Mothra" on a big screen. I got to see "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II" at Ohayocon this January.

  2. LADY TERMINATOR. Oh, how I want to watch your epic journey of boobs, big hair, boob, machine guns and boobs.

  3. Wow, very cool series of posts from what looked to be a great science fiction adventure. I would have loved to see The Quiet Earth (1985)in a theatre - Lucky you!

    I've yet to see Videodrome since it was in theaters, now I want to watch it again after reading your glowing review!