Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sucker Punch (2011) at 366 Weird Movies

Yeah, so I saw this movie at a matinee the other day with a decent-sized crowd of middle-aged white dudes. It was a little weird. Anyway, I thought it was pretty disappointing, but had some interesting visuals and exciting fight scenes. Mostly it was just stupid though. And sexist. And slow-motiony. And derivative/reminiscent of better movies like Tank Girl and Brazil and Mirrormask, which are some of the many films you can watch instead of this. But it's ok, because I still heart Jena Malone.

For a much more thought-out and well-written review, check out my post at 366 Weird Movies!

PS You will hopefully soon be able to hear me speak at length about it! Out loud!


  1. "I still heart Jena Malone"

    I was conversing with a girl from my "Nerd Culture" class and she said something very similar. I believe her exact words went somthing like this:

    "The only character I even cared about was Jena Malone's. But, yeah, she pretty much rocks so..."

  2. "I saw this movie at a matinee the other day with a decent-sized crowd of middle-aged white dudes. It was a little weird."

    That's why I didn't want to review the movie in theaters myself. Everyone assumes we middle aged white dudes are perverts whenever we go see movies about women fighting demons in their underwear.

  3. Stuart: Haha yeah it's tough for Jena Malone to not be awesome in a movie, so Snyder lucked out there.

    366: Aw I didn't mean to make fun of that group of movie-goers! It was mostly just weird because I was practically the only female, and also probably younger than most of them by at least 10 years. So it was funny to look around the theater and be like "Where is everyone else?"

  4. I too heart Jena Malone. In fact, she and Abbie Cornish were the ones who kept the film from being a total disaster.

    I wish there's more people that would give Jena better projects. Right now, I'm working on an outline for a project with her in the lead. I want everyone to realize what a talent she is.

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