Friday, September 2, 2011

Movie Sketch Project #52

Hi everyone! It appears another Friday is upon us, which of course means I have dutifully created another piece of movie art to share with you all! Last weekend I was sequestered in my apartment for fear of hurricane/tropical storm damage, so I had some time to experiment with Adobe Illustrator, which I'd never used before. I had this idea for a Tank Girl poster a while ago but knew it was something that would work better in Illustrator, if only I knew how to use it! It took a lot of fiddling and talking frustratedly to myself, but I finally made something I'm happy with. Check it outtttttt.

It's for sale too just in case any one else in the world likes this movie? Are you out there?

Also here's a special bonus: I reviewed two Norma Shearer films on Saturday and it reminded me of an early actress portrait I did of her in high school of her after watching The Women. I'm obsessed with her hair in all its iterations. Looking at this sketch now I see tons of problems with it, but at the time I thought it was one of my best.

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