Friday, September 16, 2011

Movie Sketch Project #54

Oh goodness has it been a week already? Time is flying by here now that I'm settled into my second job (did I mention I'm now working for a filmmaker?) and just generally busier. But I finished my Parks and Recreation postcard series from last week! Yay! All ten of the show's main characters are lovingly depicted in ink on watercolor-paper postcards, along with quotes I liked from each. It was a bit grueling at times but ultimately I'm happy with the results and had fun making these little mini-portraits. The whole gang is displayed below, to achieve the full effect. The set of 10 is available for sale if you're interested. Remember they are original, one-of-a-kind artworks! Tell your friends!

And seriously I need a new name for this project. It's not always movies. Comics, television, music, books- it's all fair game. But I'm TERRIBLE at naming things so please help me with ideas? Something pop culture related maybe? I don't know?


  1. I love these, something about your style fits with this subject perfectly.

    As for a title to the series, I am so bad at that too...I'd probably just lazy out and call it the (Mostly) Movies Sketch Project, ha.