Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movie Sketch Project #55

Whaaaat? New movie art on a TUESDAY?! How zany! Yes, yes my schedule was all in a funk this weekend due to a fancy gallery opening and my mom visiting, so I am posting a new Movie Sketch Project on a weird day. Lucky you! And lucky me, I don't have to write a review for today!

So a few weeks ago when I was starting my movie band gig poster series, both Rich and Alexa suggested I make a Wyld Stallyns poster. I re-watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for the first time in years and eventually set to work on a design. It took me a long time to figure out the text but I think I'm finally ok with it all. Mostly I just like this color scheme a lot. I don't use green often enough! Also I'm making postcards of this poster series soon so that will be cool.

It is available for sale on etsy, along with lots of other cool stuff!


  1. SWEET!!! You really captured them in action. The font is great. It's like I"m back in high school, but in a good way.