Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coolidge Corner Horror Marathon, Part II

Seen: At the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, on 35 mm.
But first, read
Part One!

Now on to the wee-er hours of the morning with the 12am-12pm Horrorthon at Coolidge Corner. Before everyone judges me for nodding off a few times, I'd like you to keep in mind that not only had I worked a 9-5 day on my feet beforehand, but also I've been taking sleep-inducing Benadryl all the time because of allergy problems. Also the seats at the Coolidge are so comfortable! Although I must say it was super cold in there, and the snowstorm outside wasn't helping! Anyway, onwards to more thrills and chills and snoozes.

4 Dèmoni 2: L'incubo ritorna (Demons 2) (1986)
Yeah so I haven't seen the first Demons and after struggling through the first half hour I pretty much chose this one as the movie I would sleep through. Directed by Mario Bava's son Lamberto and co-written by Dario Argento, I imagine this film is decent if viewed in a non-exhausted mindset. The story has something to do with a lady's birthday party and demons who come out of a tv show and possess unsuspecting viewers in a big apartment building. As far as I could tell it was super 80's and a bit gory (lots of veins popping out everywhere), but I honestly don't remember much else. Sorry.

5 Hardware (1990)
I was excited for this one because it's referenced on an episode of The Office and it sounded AWESOME from the netflix description. Too bad it's not actually that good. Drawing pretty liberally from films like The Terminator and Alien, the film sets up a crumbling post-apocalyptic future, then sort of forgets about it as a lady is trapped in her apartment with a killer robot. It seeks to be a futuristic horror movie and I applaud its efforts, but it doesn't really mesh genres well. The setting and characters aren't very well established and the effects/direction aren't thoughtful enough to really make this robot monster situation terrifying. Plus it's paced really badly and I definitely dozed off for a bit in the third act because I thought it was over. Still, I like the premise and Dylan McDermott is there with a robot hand. And the artist lady is pretty ok. There are a lot of good ideas in this movie, but nothing quite works the way it should. It's watchable, though.

6 Hellraiser (1987)
I was also pretty convinced I'd be too grossed out/scared of this one to make it all the way through, but aside from some intermittent dozing during the opening scenes (I WAS TIRED OK), I was pretty into this movie. It manages to be both funny in a cheesy 80's way and legitimately scary and interesting horror. The main lady is over-the-top British with a bad haircut and half the movie is her making sex-gasp noises, which is always hilarious. But then all the monsters and stuff that come out of hellworld or whatever to claim her gooey zombie boyfriend are freaky and imaginatively designed. Plus there's mad amounts of sado-masochism, jeez. Clive Barker (in his directorial debut) utilizes the claustrophobic setting of the family's house really well, managing to create tension and atmosphere in a seemingly banal location. Good stuff.

7 Rabid
So we were pretty far-gone at this point and since we had already seen Rabid at the Sci-Fi Marathon a few years ago, it seemed pointless to force ourselves to sit through it again when we were feeling like half-crazed zombie people anyway. This is Cronenberg's second film, and it's notable for starring porn actress Marilyn Chambers and working some body horror into a typical zombie premise. I thought it was ok, a little boring, and for more of my thoughts you can click the title which links to my 'Thon review.

Well there you have it, another Halloween dominated by comfy seats, schlocky horror, and like-minded nerds and over-animated hipsters (it's Brookline, they're inescapable) to share it with. We'll see what the Coolidge has to offer next year!

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