Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melancholia (2011) at 366 Weird Movies

Seen: At the Kendall Square Landmark Cinema in Cambridge.

My first foray into now-notorious rabble-rouser Lars von Trier is his latest feature, Melancholia. Its operatic trailer and beautifully enigmatic posters had me drooling in anticipation, and while the film itself isn't as visually grandiose or experimental as I expected, it is a gorgeously shot, emotionally resonant venture that impressed me greatly. Plus it's got several recreations of paintings, a thing I always appreciate. For my full review, along with commentary by editor-in-chief G. Smalley, head over to 366 Weird Movies! Cool!


  1. It moves on a little too long for me and the first hour really dragged on but Dunst's performance was amazing and the last hour had me gripped the whole time. Good review.

  2. The above may be my faorite image from the movies this year...

    Could you elaborate on what paintings were recreated, Alex? I don't have the expertise to spot them. I did notice the opening montage used Brueghel's "The Hunters in the Snow," which was another von Trier tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky (the painting plays an important role in SOLYARIS).

  3. Dan: It is a little too long but I enjoyed the performances so much I could deal with it! And yeah that last hour is great.

    Greg: I love that image so much too! And the artworks I recognized were the image of Ophelia (I forget the artist), the 2 Bruegel paintings, Caravaggio, and a few less specific references- more reminiscent of certain artists than a particular painting. I'm sure there were more.

  4. I missed this at the cinema here. But I am down for a review copy when the PR company get a wiggle on!!

    I too have not dipped my toe into LvT films either....