Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alex Makes Art #61

Whoops guess I kinda dropped the ball on the whole Friday Movie Art game yesterday, huh? Oh well. Now you get a special Saturday Treat, so that's positive! I've been working on a large commission that started with the Charmed print I posted a little while ago, and now I have another piece done. My (very patient) customer asked for a Harry Potter design- something I'm all too happy to produce- with specific characters represented. I liked the way it came out so I thought I'd adjust it to make it a regular poster I could sell in my shop, removing some of the characters to make it a bit more generalized (and to keep my customer's design more personal/exclusive). Both versions are below!

The second version is available for purchase on etsy, along with many other fine items. Remember if you use the code "BLOG11" at checkout you'll get 10% off!