Monday, March 5, 2012

Gokudô heiki (Yakuza Weapon) (2011) at 366 Weird Movies

Seen: On blu-ray on our big-screen/projector set-up, a recent purchase.

Well Miles saw this at Fantastic Fest and kept going on and onnn about it, and a Japanese splatterpunk-y movie about a crazy fighter who becomes a weaponized cyborg seemed right up my alley. And it was! Yakuza Weapon is incredibly over the top and really fun, with bits of complete weirdness thrown in. Plus the action sequences are top-notch thanks to the literally back-breaking efforts of star/stunt coordinator Tak Sakaguchi. And there's a lady who throws a boat. And hilarious henchmen. And weird Japanese fetishes. Also it's got a hilarious ending that reminded me a little bit of Miike's Dead or Alive.

For a full review check out my post at 366 Weird Movies. I worked pretty hard on it!

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