Friday, April 13, 2012

Alex Makes Art #78

Oh hi, here's a post. Good for me. It's crazy final papers/presentations time for the next few weeks and I'm not watching as many movies or making much art, which is a sad time. I stayed up all night working on a new piece though that I like, especially since it's pretty different from anything I've done before. It isn't movie-related, but it is partially inspired by Dumbo since I was thinking about mother/child relationships in kids' movies. I'll be doing a family-friendly craft fair on Mother's Day weekend and am trying to bring works that might make nice gifts (more about that as it nears).

Anyway here are some elephants! And they're for sale!

Also I've been doodling in class since lately it is paper presentations and I don't really need to take notes. Here my two favorites. Pretty proud of the Storm one, I won't lie.


  1. I like your elephant surrounded by pink. Is that a new mother elephant who is on the wagon?