Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alex Makes Art #79

I'm switching things up a bit today since I don't have time to finish writing a review but I do have some art to share! I should be posting about Pandora's Box tomorrow.

So this weekend I was rather productive, working very hard on my final papers and then rewarding myself with some art-making. First was a totally embarrassing "fail" (as the kids say) on my part, in which I thought an etsy customer had commissioned a portrait of Jimi Hendrix but she totally didn't. But I spent several hours making one anyway, so I put it up for sale just in case anyone wants it. I'm not super into him but I had fun drawing him. Plus he always makes me think of that scene in Wayne's World.

Next I continued to sate my Star Wars mania these past few weeks (Machete Order is completed!) and drew a little Yoda. Isn't he cute? Also for sale, and currently being turned into a postcard along with some other designs!


  1. That is hilarious that you mistakenly did a Jimi portrait! It's great, though, I'm sure a Jimi fan will snap it up. And the Yoda poster is just BEYOND. I see a gift for my nephew in his future.

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