Friday, May 11, 2012

Alex Makes Art #80

Oh hiiii! Look at me, blogging away like I actually have my act together, isn't that nice? My first semester of grad school is over and I'm taking advantage of having more free time by watching movies and making art, my two favorite things! Tomorrow (Saturday, May 12) is The Art of Craft, a craft fair at the Fayerweather School in Cambridge in which I'm participating, along with my more talented boyfriend. If anyone's in the Cambridge area please stop by! We'll have lots of prints and some originals for sale. More information here. New art after the jump!

So this week I've mainly been preparing for this thing. I've got lots of small prints and posters made up (which are also available in my shop, hey) and I made some new hand-inked watercolor paper postcards. You know, for kids! If they don't sell tomorrow I'll put them on etsy. Up there is an in-progress shot as I was inking.

Rango. This might be my favorite. Playing around with the ink a bit.

Jack Skellington. Duh.

Up. Because I wanted to play with the pretty colors.

I also got more regular postcards printed up. For sale as a sci-fi pack!

PS This is my 1000th post! Wowee!


  1. Oooh, I love seeing your signature splatter in watercolor! How cool to see your process too. The Up one is fab; makes me want to actually get off my ass and see that movie, finally!

  2. Alexa: Thanks! I do have fun with the splatter haha. UP is a fun time, though it gets a little ridiculous towards the end. The first ten minutes made me cry but I think that happens to everyone!

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