Friday, May 25, 2012

Alex Makes Art #81

Oh hey. I know last week got a little scattered, what with the lack of posting, but mostly that's because I was too busy in New York hanging out with a bunch of doofy Canadians and before that it was inventory at my store so I had more work to do. BUT LUCKILY. I made a lot of art this week, exclusively in the genre of "portraits of pretty white ladies". So that's nice.

Firstly though I want to point out that my framed watercolor postcards from two weeks ago are going up for sale in my shop. Rango and Jack Skellington are already available, the Up one will be listed later this week. Get 'em while they're hot! As they say in the art world, maybe.

Ok so most exciting is that I started a portrait of Louise Brooks, which I've been meaning to do since seeing her sultry self in Pandora's Box last month. First I did a pencil sketch then just sort of played around with water and ink for a while to make a slightly drippy image of her in profile. This is for sale.

I dug how it came out but wanted more so I took the ink drawing and did Photoshoppy things to it. Mainly going over it with a digital painting and then re-using the inky textures for her hair and shirt. This is for sale as well, as a print. I like both!

Finally, for those keeping up with that major commission series I've been doing for a while, here's a portrait of Kelly Clarkson. I don't know her music but she was nice to draw. It's meant to sort of go with the Janis Joplin one from a while ago, and there'll be three more musician portraits to make it a set.