Monday, May 28, 2012

Doctor Mordrid (1992)

Seen: On dvd on my tv, rented from netflix.

It is a pretty well-known fact among like three of my friends that by this point I will watch anything for Jeffrey Combs. I'm completely smitten with Re-Animator (which I SWEAR I'll one day write a full review of!) and I think Combs makes anything awesome. With its horror/fantasy premise and connection to Full Moon Features, I knew Doctor Mordrid would be killer. Combs stars as the titular "doctor", a centuries-old sorcerer who is sworn to protect mankind from the evil Kabal (Brian Thompson), a powerful opponent hellbent on dominion over humans. He busts out of his prison and works to open a portal to Earth for his demonic followers, and only Mordrid and his neighbor Samantha (Yvette Nipar), an occult specialist who consults for the police, stand in his way.

Heh heh heh. Ok. Let's just cull together a few of the completely awesome things this movie features. It's got Jeffrey Combs in electric blue parachute pants. Boobs. Magic. Stop-motion dinosaur skeletons fighting each other. Punks. Big hair. A dude who looks like Gimli. Astral projection. Alchemy. And some more Jeffrey Combs. It's pretty much everything you need in a movie, no kidding. The story is simple, good-vs-evil-type stuff, but the script keeps it tense and fast-paced enough to make it interesting. At a quick one hour and seventeen minutes. Doctor Mordrid never over-taxes its premise, and the filmmakers make do with their limited resources. The effects aren't realistic but they still look pretty cool, and there's great detail in the sets and costumes. Obviously I wasn't watching this for high production values, but I appreciated the effort nonetheless.

Jeffrey Combs is the main attraction, of course, with his adorable intensity and energetic delivery, but I also enjoyed Brian Thompson as Kabal, probably because he reminded me of Dolph Lundgren. Also maybe he was dubbed the entire movie? Or something was weird with his voice. I was pretty taken with Yvette Nipar's striking eyebrows and mane of curls as well, especially when paired with that snarky attitude against her jerk cop coworkers. She even gets to kick a punk in the nuts. Always hilarious!

As a whole Doctor Mordrid is a satisfying combination of schlocky horror/fantasy and goofy pseudo-thriller. I know without Combs it would have been completely forgettable, but I had a darn good time watching!


Pair This Movie With: Well I can tell you that I personally followed it up with Re-Animator for another Jeffrey Combs fix. Otherwise I don't know. More b-movies with magic I guess.


  1. Fun times, haven't seen it in a while though. This was to be a Doctor Strange movie, but Marvel didnt give the rights to these guys, so they went out and did their own magical doctor who opens portals to other dimensions movie.

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