Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Change (1990)

Seen: On dvd on our big screen/projector set-up, from my personal collection.

Fed up with the gritty surroundings and unpleasant attitudes of New York City, friends Grimm (Bill Murray), Phyllis (Geena Davis), and Loomis (Randy Quaid) decide to rob a bank and run away to Fiji. They successfully pull off the job and get away from the building with the cops none the wiser, until Loomis gives them away accidentally over the phone. Now with the police on their tail and a plane to catch they try to navigate the weirder parts of the city with their wits and their millions intact.

I bought Quick Change from the shop where I work ages ago since it was in the bargain bin for $2.00. I kept seeing it on cult movie lists so I figured I should finally watch it. Turns out it's a pretty weird time, and funny sometimes. The story and pacing are sort of episodic, with the gang meeting various goofballs around New York, including Phil Hartman, Stanley Tucci, and Tony Shalhoub. These interactions are hit and miss, with some very silly situations and some uncomfortable ones (I seriously didn't get Shalhoub as a skittish cab driver who didn't speak English and wanted to confess to something?). But mostly it's a fun time with Geena Davis and Bill Murray and that wacky Randy Quaid. And while it usually wasn't laugh-out-loud funny it did make me chuckle, and I did care about the characters enough to be invested in their journey.


Pair This Movie With: Ummm probably After Hours for another crazy night in New York City!


  1. I love this movie, you have no idea. It's one of my favorite Bill Murray movies. The lines are so endlessly quotable.

    "My god... he's driving a blufftooney!"

    "If that were our plane, it would be crashing."

    "That's Mr. Bozo, ok?"

    Sorry, I could go on all night. Sorry you didn't love it, but I'm glad you got something out of it. :-)

  2. Oh man, I've spent many an afternoon with Quick Change. And I agree, that and After Hours would be a fantastic double feature.

  3. I actually really love this film. The performances are all great - oddball and quirky - but great. Plus, I like that it takes place over the course of a day. One of Bill Murray's most underrated films for me.

  4. I think your pairing with AFTER HOURS is a great choice. QUICK has a preferred first-half for me (until they break out and are on the run). I might have also paired this with BIG NIGHT (1996) just to see Shalhoub cover a bigger role.