Friday, June 8, 2012

Alex Makes Art #82

Oh hey guys. I have been a little light on art-making since I was visiting Seattle for about a few days. Good times! The other main thing I was working on is a secret project that I'll reveal later on, isn't that exciting? For now here are a few things I've done lately. And remember I've got over 50 (almost 60!) cool movie-themed items in my shop, which are super-affordable, and am open for commissions if you have something in mind!

I was pretty enamored of Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, if you'll remember, so I did a sketch of her while I was in Seattle. The scan kind of fuzzes up her face but I think it looks good in real life. I will probably do some photoshoppy things to it later, we'll see. I will tell you that I spent a really long time on her butt. Which meant I looked at a lot of pictures of her butt. So that was a nice afternoon.

Also here's an unfinished portrait of Ingrid Michaelson, part of that series of commissions I've been doing. The customer wants to include lyrics within the piece but I haven't heard back yet about which ones. I don't listen to Michaelson but she was fun to draw, primarily because it's rare I get to draw glasses! Funnnnnn.

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