Friday, June 15, 2012

Alex Makes Art #83

It's been another kind of slow week for art as I had a lot of shifts at work and was recuperating from vacation time. I've got some free time this week (when I'm not studying for the stupid comp test coming up in stupid September) and I hope to use it wisely! Got another commission to work on plus some personal ideas I want to try out. For now, here are some art things!

Last week I had a pen sketch of Black Widow from The Avengers, and after fiddling around with it in Photoshop I made a fancy digital painting that I enjoy. It's for sale as a small print.

As many people noticed yesterday, I'm not a huge fan of Blade Runner, but I do think Rachael is an interesting character and so I did a quick pencil sketch of her last night. I might turn it into something pretty later, but there's already so much great fan art for the film and this character specifically that it seems silly to add my meager offerings to the pile. We'll see.


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