Friday, June 22, 2012

Alex Makes Art #84

Hello friends, it's hot out there isn't it? YES. YES IT FUCKING IS. I don't have air conditioning so I've been going out to see movies and do things indoors at places with climate control, so not as much art-making as I would have liked. But I did finish a fun commission for one of the many awesome Toronto people I have met this past year. She is a big fan of the movie Home Alone and wanted a piece illustrating a specific scene, where Fuller (a little Kieran Culkin) smiles at the screen while clutching his Pepsi. It's a pretty silly moment and I had fun with the piece. My goal was to make it look like a vintage soda ad, a little Norman Rockwell-y. I think it came out well! I'm finally getting it printed tomorrow so she can have it, I'm not sure if I'll put it up for sale it's also for sale in my shop. Is this something you think anybody would like? I have no concept of how popular this movie is or if people like art made for it or if people like this. But anyway. Here it is!

Hoping to work on some t-shirt designs soon, converting some of my poster designs. Also some new things! So many ideas, so little time!


  1. Is there any way possible way that this could be printed in a larger size, ie poster size??

  2. Babs: The largest I can print it is at 11x14" for $15, you can email me at if you'd like to work something out. Or there are larger sizes available in my Society6 shop but they get pricier over there. It's up to you, thanks so much for your interest!

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