Friday, July 13, 2012

Alex Makes Art #87

Oh boy, did you know that Brave is a cool movie? Because it is! I walked out knowing I had to do some cool artwork for Merida and her amazing head of hair, possibly incorporating some type of Celtic patterning. I also wanted her to look badass, so hopefully showing her wielding a sword and standing in front of two large bears has accomplished that. I gave each figure their own pattern, and included a Celtic knot in the title. I'm like, 1/8th Scottish soooooo I know all about this stuff, you guys. No big deal. Anyway here's this poster or whatever. I'm pretty proud of it. It's for sale.

For other entries in my now long-running art series go here. I hope to start on a commission project this week, but I'll be keeping it secret since I know they're going to be gifts. Remember if you have anything you'd like me to make- a portrait, a poster design, a hand-drawn ink painting, etc- let me know at alex.kittle @ I believe my prices are reasonable, and I work fast once I have a set idea.