Friday, July 20, 2012

Alex Makes Art #88

Hey dudes, things have been going ok lately! I have made several pieces recently that I'm proud of (plus a few less-than-impressive works, it happens) and I'm happy to be moving at a brisker pace than usual. When school starts up again (I'm in grad school, for those who don't know), I can't expect to have a lot of time for blogging or art-making, especially with my work schedule. Anyway I'll keep chugging along this summer! Today I have a poster design for one of my most-watched films, 1986's Little Shop of Horrors. The show is one of my all-time favorite stage musicals and the film adaptation is very dear to me, I am rarely not in the mood to bop along to its rockin' tunes. Plus: Rick Moranis!! I worked all night on this poster design and I think it looks rad. Mad props to Nick Jobe for purchasing it immediately after I listed it, first time that's happened!

It's available for sale at my etsy shop. I've also got some more shirt designs in my redbubble shop!