Friday, July 27, 2012

Alex Makes Art #89

Oh hey there! How's it going? I hope you're ready for some art that isn't movie-related, for once! I did change the title of this feature so that I could branch out a bit more, after all. Anyway I've been pretty damn productive this week, I think, with two finished pieces and another one 2/3's of the way done. The last one's a commission though and I think it might be a secret so I won't show it just yet, I have to check with the customer. Now go forth for some art, already! I was in a grayscale mood, as you'll see.

So first things first: I was pretty depressed on Friday for reasons that probably affected many others similarly, and I dove into drawing with the hope it would cheer me up. I screwed up my ink painting of rapper Azealia Banks and that made me even sadder, but I managed to turn it into a digital painting that I like. It's available as a print. I hope you know who she is, if not look at this.

Secondly, anyone who follows me on twitter is probably well aware that I have been OBSESSING over Twin Peaks in recent weeks. I'm watching the show for the first time (currently I'm about halfway through the second season) and it's just great. My favorite, favorite part is the friendship that develops between Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman, these guys are the cutest! I started doodling a silly image of them hanging out drinking coffee, as they do, and then it just evolved over the day into the digital illustration here. It's also available as a small print.

And yes, for those who may be thinking it, they are totally holding hands under the table. Cooper<3Truman4ever

I've got loads of other cool stuff in my shop, check it out! I've even got a deal for 2 original movie posters for only $25, my goodness! And I'm up for commissions, email alex.kittle @

Ok byyyye, have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. So cool that you are watching Twin Peaks for the first time! I wish I could watch it for the first time again. LOVE the illustration.

  2. Alexa: Thanks! I was just having some fun with it haha. And yes I'm pretty obsessed with TWIN PEAKS, got about 9 episodes left and I'm looking forward to the finale that everyone keeps telling me is awesomely weird!