Sunday, July 15, 2012

MegaForce (1982)

Seen: On our projector set-up, streamed from Miles's computer.

When my boyfriend and I first read about this movie and watched the trailer, we wondered how we'd lived so many years without knowing about it. I mean on paper it is a perfect film. It's directed by action stuntmaster Hal Needham, is an 80's movie set in the future, features flying motorcycles, and stars the adorably ridiculous Barry Bostwick. Plus: shiny silver jumpsuits for EVERYBODY! What could be better? The plot is sort of loose... something to do with a terrorist group threatening these made-up countries, so the international secret army known as MEGAFORCE is called in to help. And then... explosions! This movie was the inspiration for Team America, so think about that.

"Wacky" barely begins to describe this awesome flick. The story doesn't make any sense so we're left to focus on these great character stereotypes and legitimately impressive action sequences. And the FASHION! There are so many gold and silver jumpsuits and big hairstyles and weird helmets and headbands and oh dear, it's great. Barry Bostwick is completely out of place in this movie, he's too jolly and dweeby, but bless him, he doesn't try and be a badass. He's the head of a powerful, technologically-advanced secret super force and he's goofy as hell, laying on the cheese. He falls in love with a lady (Persis Khambatta) because she's good at skydiving (though she's not capable enough to join them on their mission, I guess?) and the only way either of them can show their feelings is by kissing their thumbs and giving each other a thumbs up. This is the future of romance. AND I LOVE IT.

The best parts of MegaForce, besides the supercute interactions between Barry Bostwick and Michael Beck, are of course the stupendous action scenes. This is the area Needham can handle, since it's clear the script and the actors got away from him. There are some pretty cool vehicle designs on display, including these wild armored cares that can rotate themselves. There's a neat little countdown sequence wherein the Force destroys an enemy base in exactly 4 minutes, but the highlight is the crazy large-scale battle at the end. Everyone's shooting at everyone else! Tanks vs airplanes! And the money shot, a flying motorcycle! There you have it folks, the most fun movie ever made. I had a MEGA good time.

As a movie: 2/5
As entertainment: 4.5/5

Pair This Movie With: Well this was our follow-up to Magic Mike, and both had themes of male bonding, funny outfits, and Southern characters named Dallas so it worked out. Or for more Hal Needham stunt awesomeness there's Hooper.