Friday, August 17, 2012

Alex Makes Art #91

Hello! Welcome back to Alex Makes Art, that thing I do where I try to make some artsyfartsy thing every week except last week I skipped it because I was at the beach for several days and didn't have a scanner. So. Some of my twitter followers have likely noticed that I have been drawing A LOT of Catwoman lately. This was all part of my big plan, which I can finally reveal after several late-night drawing sessions! I have taken each of the major live-action iterations of the character and rendered her in what I hope are dynamic pen sketches, and then I collected them all in a digital piece that lines up her various guises and actresses. Good times! I learned some things, like how the costume didn't really change at all throughout the 60s even though the actress changed three times, and that every version of this character has had to wear heels (ugh). Also Hathaway is the only one without claws, Berry's shoes are open-toed and ridiculous-looking, and Pfeiffer looks/is the best even though I imagine she had the most difficulty moving around.

Anyway. Below are scans of all 6 single drawings, followed by the big combo print thingie that's for sale. I think this is pretty cool, but that's just me. It was nice to do so much physical drawing over a short span of time, I have been out of practice.


  1. This is excellent, Alex. Kudos. I don't have anything especially profound to add except "oooh, pretty."