Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alex Makes Art #93

Whooooa posting on a SATURDAY? I feel like I'm breaking some internet rule but it's art time. (Saturdays usually suck on the internet, you know it's true.) So I saw Enter the Dragon (my first Bruce Lee movie) on Thursday and suffice to say IT WAS AWESOME. I was mostly psyched for Jim Kelly- who totally ruled- but obviously I was way into Bruce Lee and now I want to see all of his movies. I was inspired to do a lil' pencil sketch of him that I went over lightly in pen and a dash of red ink for the bloody claw marks. I never draw muscles so please don't judge. Behold.

The main other art project I've been working on is a commission that's going to be a gift so I won't post it yet. In other news I've put some work for sale on society6, which will feature alternate versions of some of my favorite prints, as well as some iphone skins/cases and laptop decal thingies. I'm still adding stuff to it but check it out.