Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Alex Makes Art #94

Oh my gosh I haven't posted new art for two whole weeks! This is lamentable, but my second semester of grad school started, I'm taking an extra class, and I pretty much am at work every day I don't have class. So, very little time for anything else really, and you can all expect a significant downturn in movie reviews and artmaking, sadly. I'll do my best, though, since I want to have some kickass items for holiday buying times. I have TWO new pieces to show you today so I figure that makes up for the lack of art earlier in the month, plus here I am posting a Friday feature on a Tuesday, I'm all kinds of fun.

Remember how I really, truly love Grease? Well after a cursory etsy search I discovered there isn't much art for it out there, so I hunkered down to design my own poster. It's hard not to turn to the iconic "You're the One That I Want" scene, especially it gets caught in my head every time I think about it, so that's clearly where the inspiration comes from. That ferris wheel took goddamn forever to draw, I hate it, I hate ferris wheels. Ok. Buy the poster on etsy, if you please.

Last week I just wanted relaxing art project that didn't require too much thinking, so I transformed my Buster Keaton ink portrait from last winter into a digital painting. I think it came out nicely. I like the green. Also for sale.

I have SO MANY art ideas, it's almost overwhelming. But instead of creating I have to force myself to read semi-interesting texts about medieval Christian art and museum studies theory. Ehhhhhhhhhh whiiiiiine.


  1. You'll be proud to know that Matthew Price was proudly wearing your tee-shirts around TIFF last week!

  2. Ryan: Oh man that's awesome! I should have given him business cards to hand out haha.