Sunday, October 7, 2012

Alex Makes Art #96

Blurrrgh my intense work/school schedule is catching up to me and I'm lagging in my internet duties, which is a bummer. We'll see how much I flounder as the semester continues and holiday times near.

Anyway. I have had this idea for a new series for a little while, and this is my first try. Basically I want to make some little comics based on funny scenes from movies I dig. Obviously Clueless was my first choice, since I showed it to a friend the other day (his first time! Eep!) and was moved to give one of my most-quoted movies a try. I think it came out well, especially since I am notoriously bad at both coloring and text, so this was outside my comfort zone! It's for sale on etsy as a print.

I would like to make a lot more like this, but I'm not sure how many I'll actually do. An Empire Records scene is likely happening though.


  1. OOOOH I totally love this idea for you, and it fits with Clueless perfectly. Makes me want an entire comic of it ;) Empire Records is a must too.

  2. Thanks Alexa! If I had the time I would be making so many of these, bust sadly I barely had time to make one. I hope to do an EMPIRE comic soon, though, possibly the "What's with TODAY today?" part.