Monday, October 29, 2012

Alex Makes Art #98

Hello all, surprise! I've decided to move my Alex Makes Art feature to Mondays since it'll be easier on my schedule. So here's some art! Remember how I made that little Clueless comic a few weeks ago? Well I had fun with it and I like the idea in general so I want to make some for other movies too. This week I took a scene from Empire Records, featuring one of my favorite lines of the movie. It was a goofy time doing AJ's super 90's haircut, but I made it through. Click through to see, and you can purchase a print of it on etsy!

This week I'll be starting a non-movie-related commission that I'm very excited about, not sure if I'll finish it in time for Monday since I have midterms but WE SHALL SEE. Hope fellow East Coasters are ok in the storm.