Friday, December 28, 2012

Miami Connection (1987)

Seen: On blu-ray on our projector set-up, a recent awesome gift from me to my boyfriendddd.

So a thing about my super cool boyfriend Miles is that he has gone to several awesome film festivals without me (it's not his fault, it's mine) and brings back all the hip movie knowledge. This year he went to Fantastic Fest and was most excited about Miami Connection, a recently re-discovered 80s martial arts extravaganza that's on its way to becoming a cult favorite. After missing multiple screenings of it in my area, I finally got a chance to watch it. Made by a group of dudes who like taekwondo, it's a fairly silly low-budget action tale. A gang of best buddies who live together, attend college together, practice taekwondo together, perform in a band together, and are all orphans together (mostly), find themselves face to face with several vicious gangs who team up to kick them out of their rock club. Or something. I wasn't 100% on the conflict here, I'll be honest, but it definitely had something to do with bad guys and drugs and martial arts and ninjas on motorcycles. And a guy who was totally into his sister. Like, sexually.

Oh my goodness, this movie is all the goofy 80s action fun that you could want in a ridiculous cult flick. It's got terrible acting, horrendous dialogue, uneven pacing, cheesy characters, an insensible plot, and a truly wonderful soundtrack. Seriously, Dragon Sound is probably my new favorite band, for real though. And the taekwondo! It's all over the place and I love it! Most of the movie is pretty wacky but the fight scenes are genuinely rad, escalating into a crazy-bloody fugue at the end where heads get chopped off and it's really unexpected.

I know that in terms of technical, writing, and acting skills this movie is pretty bad, but by golly these guys are all so jovial and enthusiastic it's hard not to get sucked into their weird and convoluted tale. I loved the adorable camaraderie among the main dudes, with scenes of their shared living area the among the most enjoyable. They're all so doofy and smiley, and as far as I've heard they're basically playing themselves (they presented the film at the festival and by all accounts are just a lively, fun-loving bunch). None of them are film people, for many this is their only credit. They're just here to rock out and kick ass, and I'm just here to laugh at them and/or with them while singing about friendship and taking down ninjas.

As a movie: 2.5/5
As entertainment: 4.5/5

Pair This Movie With: Well some scenes were reminiscent of The Warriors, but the general feel put me in the mood for Orgazmo.


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