Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alex Makes Art #102

I think I'm just gonna be posting art things whenever I can, as opposed to a fixed day in the week, since it's easier for me to deal with. So today I have a commissioned poster that I mentioned yesterday, inspired by The Grey. It was requested by Blake Howard of Graffiti With Punctuation, and it got me to finally see the film and also to have fun drawing a wolf for the first time! I made two versions, one's more to his preference and one I personally liked better, though there's not a huge difference either way. Both are below! And the one second one is for sale!

I thought I mentioned it here but I guess I forgot: I had another cool commission that has just come to full fruition. Paul Rodgers of Fear of a Ghost Planet has released an e-book compiling his 2012 film reviews and other articles, and he asked me to do the cover design for it! It was pretty exciting for me, since I've never done a book cover before. The image is of course inspired by The Master, and a text-less version of the design is available for sale as a small print. Also go buy the book, it's only .99 cents!


  1. Okay, I didn't see The Grey but that is a fantastic image. And your Master poster totally tops my Oscar favorite posters list.