Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alex Makes Art #106

Hello, friends, I'm getting into final paper-writing time, so be aware updating will be even spottier than it already has been. For today I have some art to share with you! First up is a new movie band gig poster that someone suggested I do a while ago but I forget who it was (sorry, person!). After watching The Fifth Element at the end of the Sci-Fi Marathon I was reminded of it, so I got to work on a Diva Plavalaguna gig poster, and I like how it came out. I wanted something a little trippy, though it's less abstract than I had initially envisioned. Click ahead to see! And it's for sale on etsy.

I also have a commission from last week, which was my first project for Custom Made. I joined their site recently and am hoping to get more commissions from their community. This one was pretty silly, but I like the way it came out and the customer was really happy with it!


  1. very well done, the Britney Spears one is genius haha

  2. Thanks Sofia! "Genius" might be overstating a bit though haha

  3. I'm still creeped out by that scene in Fifth Element. I'm sorry but, nice voice or not, she is ugly and terrifying. Yet, your poster makes her look all sassy and fun. Love it!
    Also love the Britney one.