Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Double Impact (1991)

Seen: On dvd on our projector set-up, part of a Van Damme 3-pack along with Cyborg and Death Warrant.

DID YOU KNOW that I love ridiculous movies with twins? Sorry, but I do. Especially when played by the same actor. I also love Jean-Claude Van Damme, naturally, so Double Impact is kind of the ultimate movie. He plays twins separated as babies: Alex, raised in a French orphanage in Hong Kong and mixed up with some criminal underworld, and Chad, raised in France/California and now an aerobics/Karate instructor. Their parents built a bridge in Hong Kong and then got killed for it (or something) so now that they're grown up they have to take revenge. Their dad's old bodyguard Frank (Geoffrey Lewis), who obviously did NOT do his job right, enlists them in a vengeance mission against a bunch of criminals in Hong Kong. Alex's girlfriend Danielle (Alonna Shaw) is there too, so that there can be a mostly made-up love triangle.

With a mostly unintelligible and honestly uninteresting plot, Double Impact coasts on the strengths of its leads, er, lead. Van Damme is hilarious (sometimes intentionally) in his dual role, playing the doofus and un-badass Chad with an alarming number of goofy faces, and the dangerous twin Alex as a convincing asshole. Their wardrobes are amazing, their dialogue is atrocious, and at one point they fight each other! The body double action is pretty good, actually, especially in that scene. The action in general is strong, though more gun-heavy than I like in a Van Damme movie. After wowing everyone in Bloodsport, Bolo Yeung returns as a terrifying juggernaut villain who CAN'T BE STOPPED! Oh my gosh! Corinna Everson was my favorite bad guy, though, she's BUILT and also definitely had a crush on the love interest lady. She wears sexy black spandex and can choke a man with her thighs, and it was good.

The silliest thing about the whole movie is the supposed love triangle between the twins and Danielle, because it's basically a nonentity. Alex is so jealous if Chad is even in the same room as her that he just flips his shit. There's this slow-motion sex scene in some steamy, windy, soft-glow nothingness that's completely in Alex's head, and it's just so over the top. That's your one place to see boobs, though. And a tiny bit of Van Damme butt, whose appearance is sadly lesser than in other movies I've seen. You do get this at the beginning though, so it's not a total loss.

Anyway, Double Impact is not gonna become my favorite Van Damme any time soon, but the twin action and healthy doses of early-90's cheese definitely kept me entertained.


Pair This Movie With: Well I was reminded of Maximum Risk, another JCVD flick that involves his character getting mistaken for his twin. There's only ever one of him onscreen at a time though, since his criminal twin dies at the beginning.

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