Friday, June 28, 2013

Alex Makes Art #109

Ahh both movie blogging and art-making have fallen off lately, haven't they? Jeez, how embarrassing. I was traveling for the past week so I haven't actually watched too many movies lately, since I was busy doing real world things like visiting museums and eating lots of dinners with friends! And I've slowed down with art things mainly because I have less free time when combining my temp job and internship and thesis research all happening right now. Oh well. Anyway here are a few art things I've done lately.

One of my cousins moved into his first apartment a few months ago, and my mom commissioned me to make some art for his walls. He digs Star Trek and said his two favorite characters were Scotty and Picard, so I did two matching portraits for him to hang as a pair. I don't really know much about Star Trek so it took a decent amount of wikipedia-ing to learn about uniforms and ship design, but I think they both came out really well! They are for sale independently on etsy.

And as I've been interning for UFORGE Gallery I've been encouraged to branch out with my art-making a bit to submit to their themed exhibitions (I'm also writing for their blog, if cool art stuff interests you). The June show is "Contemporary" themed so I did a self-portrait inspired by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Yayoi Kusama. She's pretty into polka dots, and she often dons a pink wig for public appearances. She is the best. Anyway, here's my piece on view in the gallery.