Thursday, June 20, 2013

Battletruck (1982)

Seen: On our projector set-up, streamed from Miles's computer.

Originally known as Warlords of the 21st Century, Battletruck is one of those dime-a-dozen sci-fi b-movies with gruff leading men, violent dystopian settings, and misleading poster art. It follows a group of militaristic assholes who parade around in their titular "battletruck", stealing all the oil they can find and generally terrorizing people they come across. You see, it's the future, and there's no centralized government and no oil or resources and everything is a barren wasteland. The mysterious Corlie (Annie McEnroe) escapes from the battletruck battalion and falls in with a hippie-dippie commune. But when the villains come looking for her, she turns to lone wolf biker Hunter (Michael Beck) for help fighting back. And also for some lovin'.

So we thought this was gonna be all about battletrucks battling it out in the future or whatever, but it turns out there's only one battletruck, and it doesn't really get to do much. Mostly it's about this kinda helpless lady who wanders around New Zealand and gets to sex up Michael Beck, and then there's a battletruck sometimes. And John Ratzenberger plays a nerd. There are some pretty neat action sequences and chases, and some believable post-apocalyptic visuals (great use is made of rural New Zealand's open spaces with impressive helicopter shots). It's not a bad vision of the future, since everything is realistically shitty, and I dug the seemingly unstoppable villains and their lumbering battletruck. But really it's just ok, not a terrible film but not especially memorable. Michael Beck is not onscreen often enough and he was the main reason I wanted to see it.

Not much else to say, oh well.


Pair This Movie With: It definitely had a Mad Max-ian vibe, but then the first Mad Max is kinda boring, so maybe go with The Road Warrior. Alternatively, all the motorcycle stuff had me thinking about MegaForce.