Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alex Makes Art #112

I'm plugging along over here with another art commission! This one is from my friend Ben, to whom I am eternally grateful for introducing me to the ridiculous rock and roll zombie comedy Wild Zero. He wanted a gig poster for Guitar Wolf, the real-life Japanese punk band who play super-powered versions of themselves in the film. I decided to focus on the guitar that spews electricity and is also a katana BECAUSE THAT'S A THING HERE. The band is at the bottom being cool, slicking their hair back as they do. I think it came out awesomely and if you like it too, it's for sale at my etsy! Use the coupon code "WALLSPACE13" for 15% off!

Oh also! I curated an exhibit dedicated to sci-fi art at UFORGE Gallery in Jamaica Plain, so if you're in the Boston you should check it out! It ends September 15. And, it features one of my movie gig posters, for Diva Plavalaguna in The Fifth Element!