Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alex Makes Art #whatever

So yeah I kind of stopped making art, it seems? No, not really, but I did slow down with my art production a whole lot in my final semester of grad school. Now that I have a stupid Master's degree I want to make art all the time because I finally have a lighter schedule. And no full-time job, still. (GOOD THING I GOT THAT DEGREE, HUH?) Anyway, there are actually a few artsy things I've made in the past month or two that I neglected to share here (most are on twitter or facebook, though), so I'm just going to do a master post of what I've done recently. Several were gifts for friends or commissions, some are just for fun and in my etsy shop, and a few are works made just for exhibitions at UFORGE Gallery, where I work. Also, I have a solo show going on there right now, glimpsed in the photo above. Check it out if you're in the Boston area.


  1. Been eyeing a lot of these over on Facebook. Keep it up!

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