Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hello, friends. Well, it's been real, but the time has come for me to mosey on over to a new space. I've had Film Forager since the fall of 2008 and I've loved the challenge of writing about every film I see, and the community that I was able to move into through film blogging. I will still be writing about film, but I also want to start doing some art writing online, and I wanted a site that was a little more professional-looking. Don't worry, I'll still be as dopey and run-on-sentence-y as usual, but maybe I'll try to vary my vocabulary a bit more. And I won't be writing about every movie I see anymore, just the ones I want to write about. Which I think will improve the overall quality of writing, really.

I would appreciate it if you followed me over to my new space, It's pretty nice over there, and I'll be adding new features over time. Most of my Film Forager posts have moved over there, though the formatting and linking is still a bit off. Gradually fixing all the old stuff, and looking forward to moving forward with all the new stuff! I have so many fun things I want to write about! For now this blog will stick around without updating, not sure when I'll actually delete it. Not for a while, surely.


  1. Love it! Looking forward to reading!

  2. Just thought I would stop by your site. Added your site to my Google Friend Connect. Following you now. It looks great. Is it through google or wordpress? If you're still on Google please feel free to follow me through Google Friend Connect. I just changed my site to Thanks.

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